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“The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country.”  (George S. Patton)

Joe Malone UniformToday we pause to celebrate the singular reason we enjoy our freedoms and liberties: our country’s veterans.  They are the exclusive group of men and women who have served and sacrificed on our behalves.  We owe them a debt we cannot repay and we remain in awe and gratitude of their willingness to ensure we remain safe and free.

As recruiters, we have the pleasure of working with professionals who have proven themselves time and again in the business world. They are successful because of the people they are – people of dedication, integrity and fortitude.  It is our distinct honor to work with people like Air Force veteran Joe Malone.

Who is Joe?  Joe is fantastic!  He is also a wildly successful accounting professional.  Joe joined the Air Force right out of high school.  With a demonstrated aptitude for financial management, Joe worked hard and promoted often.  His service took him everywhere, from small,one-stop-light town you haven’t heard of to Ft. Worth, to Iceland, England and Saudi Arabia, where he was deployed as a Disbursing Agent after the invasion of Kuwait.  As Joe aptly put it, “Apparently you need money to fight a war.”

Fortitude? Yep.  Ever had to make a phone call to a your loved one to say goodbye – for now and maybe forever?  Joe did just that before he shipped out.  And if you, like us, thought accountants only do accounting things during a deployment, we all need to think again.  He spent 5 months building a tent city, using his gas mask as pillow.

Next, please.    After serving his country, Joe left the Air Force and, ignoring the “advice” of a misguided guidance counselor, set his sights on an Accounting degree from Rutgers University.  (What’s that tag line from the Air Force?  Oh right: “Aim High.”) He graduated with honors.  Of course he did.  After working in Manhattan at a Big 4 public accounting firm, he leaped into private industry and even got married.  His wife?  A lovely girl he was friends with in the Air Force during his time in England.  

Joe Malone TodayThank you, Joe.  It is people like Joe who inspire us.  Everyone here at J2T has a father, grandfather, cousin or sibling who has served.  We are so proud of our veterans.  We are proud to know veterans like Joe.  To all veterans past and present, to all of you who have served, we offer our thanks and promise to never forget and will continually strive to honor the sacrifices you’ve made.  Thank you.


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