Monday Motivation – Miles, Marva and Making Lives Better

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be-the-goodMOTIVATION MONDAY: Miles, Marva and Making Lives Better

In a world where disturbing news is available with every click or swipe of our fingertips, we at J2T prioritize seeking out that which celebrates generosity, kindness, hope and triumph of the human spirit. And we strive to be these things as well – it’s our Core Purpose. Today, we’d like to tell you one such story:

Background – we offer a $500 Referral Bonus to anyone who refers a candidate that gets placed in a full time, permanent job. Miles referred a stellar candidate, Marva. She just started a fantastic new job that she loves. We contacted Miles to arrange payment of the referral bonus.

Miles asked that instead of sending him the check, we send the entire amount to a charity that is near and dear to him. As it turns out, Marva gives her time to this entity as well. Look how easy it was for Miles to Make Lives Better – not only Marva’s, but all the people who will benefit from his generosity. Thank you, Miles!

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