Monica Kennedy – Senior Recruiter, J2T Flex


Contagious positivity spelled another way is M-o-n-i-c-a Kennedy.  If she is in the room you know it; she radiates pure enthusiasm and friendliness.  Following a degree in journalism, Monica soon discovered recruiting and quickly realized she’d found her passion.  She knows how to get to know people, and is an expert at the who, what, where and why of recruiting the exact right person for any role, from contract to direct hire.  She is generous to see others – her clients and candidates – succeed and this is why she is trusted and respected by everyone she works with.

Prior to joining J2T Flex, Monica worked for a recruiting firm with locations all over the US, and where she first met and worked with our (now) Business Development Manager, Melissa Van Deventer.  She consistently ranked in the top 6% of all recruiters, and garnered numerous accolades and awards for her recruiting skills.  She was the first American recruited to kick off the “Make a Move” campaign for a highly respected Australian recruiting firm.

Monica has returned to her roots here in Colorado and is beyond thrilled to once again partner with Melissa. Their experienced partnership is the best in town for any and every Finance & Accounting contract need you may have.  In her free time, Monica indulges her other passion: great food.  She knows all the best spots in Denver and Boulder (there are A LOT) and is happy to give you a recommendation based on what you’re craving.  Fun Fact: Monica’s foodie adventures started when she was 4 years old and won a contest as the face of Pizza Hut in Hanover, PA.

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