Melissa Benavidez Van Deventer – Business Development Manager J2T Flex


The energy that radiates from Melissa is genuine, contagious and constant.  This, along with a thorough commitment to her customers and passion for what she believes in, is the reason she has consistently been a top-ranked recruiter wherever she works.  Melissa has an innate understanding of personality and culture and always finds the right person for the right contract role.

Everyone needs more hands on the deck at some point, and Melissa’s expertise is in filling the gap for employers with short and long term finance and accounting needs: special projects, interim executives, family leave coverage, busy season, there isn’t any finance and accounting contract role she can’t fill.  Because of this, Melissa’s clients keep coming back to her, whether the client is a 3 person office or is a multi-national corporation.

When she’s not at work, you’ll find this active, trailblazing, Colorado native doing all that Colorado has to offer: running, skiing, yoga, painting, traveling or enthusiastically participating in Denver’s thriving restaurant scene with her husband Aaron and 2 dogs(where allowed).  Melissa’s family history is true Colorado history: her father’s family was one of the original families to settle in Colorado over 100 years ago and her mom is first generation Sicilian transplanted to Colorado from New York.  It’s no wonder she has a pioneering spirit!

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