Jll McLain – Director of Operations

Jll McLain BW

Jll Megan Scates McLain – Director of Operations and Co-Founder

A Denver native, Jll graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree.  This was the launching pad for a varied career in finance, mergers and acquisitions, non-profit program management, and contract administration which have all positioned her for success at J2T.  With more than 20 years of experience in operations and contract administration, Jll manages the business side of the company so the recruiters can focus on doing what they do best. Jll handles the day to day asset management and accounting responsibilities for J2T and ensures that the company continues to thrive.

With four children of her own, Jll is very passionate about the needs of children and families and is very active with organizations that champion those causes. When not tending to the activities and joy from parenting, Jll enjoys running, yoga, reading and travel with her husband.  Her most recent travels include Istanbul, Cape Town, Geneva, Haiti, and a 75 day/7500 mile road trip through the United States in her RV with her husband and children.

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