Jll McLain – Director of Operations

Jll Megan Scates McLain – Director of Operations and Co-Founder

I love my work at J2T because I am really good at it. The operations behind J2T (or any small business) require precision and attention to detail all the while new and exciting challenges arise each week which really allow for me to problem solve. I find the win-win-win every day for our team, clients and candidates, vendors, and myself.

Julie and I began the dream of J2T with our father in 2000 on a road trip to Iowa. We scribbled possible names for the business on a legal pad (always on hand for our father the lawyer). Julie, Jll, Tim are the two J’s and the T. Our dad died in 2004 but he would be extremely proud of J2T this many years later and he would be proud of, and expect nothing less than the best from, J and J.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • The nickname J-L-L was given to me when I was 14 and most people don’t even realize my name is now legally spelled without an ‘i’.
  • I met my husband when I was 15 and we have been together ever since. I had 4 babies in 5 years.
  • My family and I traveled east in an RV to 28 states during a summer sabbatical 5 years ago.  We are checking off 11 more western states for summer ’18.
  • I can still do a cartwheel, a front one and a half on the diving board, roller skate backwards, and I have crazy-mad Monopoly skills only rivaled by my sister Julie.

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