Heather Price – Marketing & Communications Manager

My job is so much fun because I get to do what I love most – write, talk, communicate!  After successfully navigating the corporate world, in companies large and small, I chose to focus on making lives better as a communicator at and on behalf of J2T.  Successful communication is dependent on many things: accurate and timely information; an understanding of all viewpoints whether they are based on cultural norms or established procedures; technical acumen; and a genuine desire to make a positive difference on a relationship.  This is what informs my process for work at J2T and to provide the unified voice of J2T to our clients and candidates.

If I could, I’d schedule my life around yoga classes but primarily my husband and I spend lots of time being communicated to by our three  daughters or trying to keep up with them on skis. You will also find me journeying with an intrepid troop of 5th and 6th Girl Scouts up a 14’er, primitive camping, or wherever our adventures take us.  If the sun is out in Colorado, and it often is, I’m planning or going on a hike, taking millions of pictures of Colorado sunsets and sunrises.



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