Heather Price – Communications Manager

My job is so much fun because I get to do what I love most – write, talk, communicate!  After successfully navigating the corporate world, in companies large and small, I chose to focus on making lives better as a communicator at and on behalf of J2T.  Successful communication is dependent on many things: accurate and timely information; an understanding of all viewpoints whether they are based on cultural norms or established procedures; technical acumen; and a genuine desire to make a positive difference on a relationship.  This is what informs my process for work at J2T and to provide the unified voice of J2T to our clients and candidates.

I am equally at home on a sunny beach or snow-packed ski hill. If the sun is out, and it usually is, I’m planning or going on a hike, taking millions of pictures of Colorado sunsets and sunrises.



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