Emily Merrill – Recruitment and Engagement Manager

Energy.  Enthusiasm.  Engaging.  Emily.  She is sought after and well-known for her affinity to build relationships with candidates who implicitly trust her to guide them to their dream job.  Her clients highly value her expertise and ability to save them time and headaches. They know the resume she sends them is quite likely their next great hire.

“I love the partnership of building a team of new talent with hiring managers.  I thrive on making a difference in peoples’ lives. It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of my candidates’ wildly successful career trajectories.”

Even though she grew up on the East Coast, Emily always knew she would one day come to Colorado. She enrolled at DU, graduated and has lived here ever since. From Evergreen to the Flatirons to Denver, Emily is always at home wherever she can see the mountains. An avid gardener and consummate foodie, she has recruited her two children to join her in culinary endeavors. Any given weekend you’ll find them trying new recipes, inventing new hand made pizzas with exotic toppings or playing cut throat games of monopoly.  Emily is also our resident animal whisperer.  She has a crazy 2 year old golden retriever, rescued two older cats no one else wanted, and has volunteered with animal shelters and a seeing eye dog foundation. She is compassionate and truly generous to see everyone succeed.


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