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j2t+flex-lockup-bigEach of our Executive Recruiters have years of experience specifically recruiting for Finance and Accounting roles across all industries. Our ability to Build Deep Relationships is the reason J2T is one of the most buzzed-about, award-winning executive search firms in the area.  We deliver the Win-Win-Win  in our placements because our success comes from the enthusiastic satisfaction of our Clients and Candidates.

Julie Scates – President

Julie began her career in 1995 with an international staffing firm and was fortunate enough to work for several industry pioneers –  women with expert leadership skills who provided her with ample opportunity to learn, explore and grow her career.

In 2000, Julie, along with her father and sister founded J2T.   17 years later and still a family business, Julie considers all the members of the J2T organization as family (many of whom have been with J2T 10+ years), and believes deeply that people are our biggest asset and as such, works diligently to align the company and herself with people and organizations who share in that value.

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Stephanie Seybold – Director of Business Development

I love my job at J2T because I truly get to make lives better every single day!  Great candidates and great companies deserve each other and we get to be part of the process of bringing them together.  It’s both challenging and fun to make that happen, PLUS, I get to work with the greatest team around.

Stephanie brings over 18 years of experience to the recruiting practice and she has been a part of J2T since January of 2002. As Director of Business Development, she specifically impacts J2T in the areas of client business development, strategic candidate recruitment and career coaching and has a significant network of professionals within the accounting and finance professionals in numerous industries. Stephanie’s focus is in mid-to-high level recruitment as well as contract business.

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Charlene Landers-Rinker – Director of Recruiting

The secret to Charlene’s success is her consultative approach with clients and candidates, knowing and finding what it takes to make a perfect fit for the candidate and the employer. She began her career with one of Denver’s larger local CPA firms in 1996 where she played an intricate role in launching their accounting and finance executive recruiting division. Prior to Charlene jumping head first into the recruiting industry, she was a Division Controller of a software company, assisting them through an IPO. With her thorough, hands-on experience, Charlene possesses great insight on the technical skills needed in accounting and finance positions, and has a true understanding of clients’ unique employment needs.

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Emily Merrill is the Executive Recruiter for IT

Emily Merrill – Engagement Manager, Finance & Accounting

Energy.  Enthusiasm.  Engaging.  Emily.  She is sought after and well-known for her affinity to build relationships with candidates who implicitly trust her guide them to the exact right fit in a job.  This is why her clients highly value her expertise and ability to save them time and headaches – they know that the resume she sends them is quite likely their next great hire.

“I love the partnership of building a team of new talent with hiring managers, and I thrive on making a difference in peoples’ lives. It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of my candidates’ wildly successful career trajectories.”

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Molly Weiss – Executive Recruiter

Question:  What do you get when you combine aptitude for numbers, an ebullient personality and a genuine affinity for people?

Answer:  Molly Weiss! When she was 16, Molly volunteered during tax season for a small CPA firm in her hometown of Steamboat Springs and she was hooked, knowing then and there she wanted to be an accountant.  Within 5 years she had her undergrad and masters in accounting from DU and joined EKS&H as a financial statement auditor.  Molly’s natural accounting abilities, ability to connect with people and easily captivate an audience quickly made her a standout at work and the bosses at corporate took notice.  They persuaded her to recruit for them, empowering her to manage the college recruiting division of the company, which included relationships with 15 colleges in several states and hiring up to 100 students.  She excelled at this, as she does in all things, and realized what she loved most was the deep relationships she’d built with former audit clients, and her ability to make their lives better.  So she took a leap of faith and dove into the world of recruiting.

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Melissa Benavidez Van Deventer – J2T Flex Business Development Manager

The energy that radiates from Melissa is genuine, contagious and constant.  This, along with a thorough commitment to her customers and passion for what she believes in, is the reason she has consistently been a top-ranked recruiter wherever she works.  Melissa has an innate understanding of personality and culture and always finds the right person for the right contract role.

Everyone needs more hands on the deck at some point, and Melissa’s expertise is in filling the gap for employers with short and long term finance and accounting needs: special projects, interim executives, family leave coverage, busy season, there isn’t any finance and accounting contract role she can’t fill.  Because of this, Melissa’s clients keep coming back to her, whether the client is a 3 person office or is a multi-national corporation.

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Monica Kennedy – Senior Recruiter, J2T Flex

Contagious positivity spelled another way is M-o-n-i-c-a Kennedy.  If she is in the room you know it; she radiates pure enthusiasm and friendliness.  Following a degree in journalism, Monica soon discovered recruiting and quickly realized she’d found her passion.  She knows how to get to know people, and is an expert at the who, what, where and why of recruiting the exact right person for any role, from contract to direct hire.  She is generous to see others – her clients and candidates – succeed and this is why she is trusted and respected by everyone she works with.

Prior to joining J2T Flex, Monica worked for a recruiting firm with locations all over the US, and where she first met and worked with our (now) Business Development Manager, Melissa Van Deventer.  She consistently ranked in the top 6% of all recruiters, and garnered numerous accolades and awards for her recruiting skills.  She was the first American recruited to kick off the “Make a Move” campaign for a highly respected Australian recruiting firm.

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Heather Price – Recruiting & Communications Manager

My job is so much fun because I get to do what I love most –  communicate!  I love connecting with candidates and learning what motivates them.  Once we align your motivation with your skills & experience, I am fully empowered to advocate on your behalf and connect the best talent with the ideal boss and job. After successfully navigating the corporate world in companies large and small I chose to focus on making lives better as a communicator at and on behalf of J2T.  Successful communication is dependent on many things: accurate and timely information; an understanding of all viewpoints whether they are based on cultural norms or established procedures; technical acumen; and a genuine desire to make a positive difference on a relationship.  This is what informs my process for recruiting Denver’s best talent at J2T and to provide the unified voice of J2T to our clients and candidates.

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Kady Gerhart, Recruiting Coordinator, J2T Flex

Kady is a natural – naturally friendly, naturally intuitive, and naturally FANTASTIC at connecting people with the perfect role!

As a tenured recruiter with over 6 years of experience, she is a natural expert in communicating with her candidates to help them define a personally and professionally rewarding career trajectory. Kady has a passion for Operational Accounting and Finance candidates and  works extensively on contract roles – she always has the exact right person for a short or long term position.  Whatever the reason – busy season, family leave, rapid company growth – Kady has a deep network of readily available contractors.

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Melissa Cikara, JD – Research and Communications Coordinator

Melissa is the anchor for us all, keeping us all grounded and organized.  With over 12 years of experience in the corporate world at successful companies both large and small, Melissa brings her skills in writing, research, organization and communication to enhance J2T’s mission of providing unparalleled and exemplary customer service.

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Jll McLain BW

Jll Megan Scates McLain – Director of Operations and Co-Founder

I love my work at J2T because I am really good at it. The operations behind J2T (or any small business) require precision and attention to detail all the while new and exciting challenges arise each week which really allow for me to problem solve. I find the win-win-win every day for our team, clients and candidates, vendors, and myself.

Julie and I began the dream of J2T with our father in 2000 on a road trip to Iowa. We scribbled possible names for the business on a legal pad (always on hand for our father the lawyer).

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