J2T Recruiting Consultants Inc. was founded in 2000 with the belief that success is built on the foundation of commitment to teamwork both internally and externally. We’ve witnessed time and again how collaboration gains everyone an understanding far greater than their own. This premise has carried over into all aspects of J2T and our wildly successful partnerships with clients and candidates.  Watch our videos below or check out our YouTube channel.

Why We Succeed – In Our Own Words



We Set the Recruiting Standard

We offer our clients flexible and tailored solutions based upon their specific needs. We pride ourselves in identifying hard to find people and offering inventive and creative solutions to our clients. As our company has grown and increased its outreach, we have maintained a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge.


We Are Relentless

We live by an adapted adage, “If the client isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.” Our team has placed thousands of professionals and our work has spanned most major industries and all functional roles in organizations.   We provide our diverse client base with exclusive access to our ever-growing and comprehensive candidate pool.  Fully committed to our local and national clients, we eclipse the competition by offering a wealth of unique services and progressive solutions.  With integrity, ingenuity and perseverance, we’ve become very good at what we do. We intend to keep it that way.


We Care

Our team places the utmost value on understanding the needs of the client. We are interested in the permanent relationship, not just the placement. Our ultimate goal is to improve your performance by increasing your hiring efficiency and reducing your administrative burden. We will provide you with the team that drives your company.

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